Solmai’s Track ‘Hoes Hurt 2’ Asks You To Look Inwards And Stay Kind

Solmai is asking us all to embrace a non-judgemental approach to life with her newest smooth track.

In times of silence, contemplation, and slowing down, most of us end up being able to see our lives a bit more clearly and from a different point of view.

The same goes for smooth-voiced singer and songwriter Solmai, who has taken the contemplation and turned it into creation with her newest track ‘Hoes Hurt 2’. Produced by Andreas Laustsen, the duo encourages us all to shed your life of the negatives.

Shot by Sara Fresco

“When we are not locked in our home’s we’re always busy. Running around town, preferably in fashionable and overprized sneakers. How we look and appear to be is crucial and also who our friends and lovers are and appear to be is equally as crucial to our self-definition and understanding. We construct a narrative of ourselves for ourselves, naturally, but increasingly more for others who are watching.”

With a mellow energy and r&b undertones, she encourages us all to look inwards, do a little soul searching and not focus on all that superficial stuff.


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