Sneakers and Small Talk: Caroline Corinth

Peeking into sneaker culture with the Copenhagen-based model and sneakerhead.

All photos: Adam Katz Sindig


Would you call yourself a sneakerhead? You probably own a few pairs of sneaks. In fact, you’re probably wearing a pair right now, along with 70% of the people around you. Perhaps you know about the latest collabs and releases—and you’ve likely got that one friend whose closet is overflowing with them. However, is all that enough to make you a sneakerhead—and if not, what does take a sneaker lover to the next level? Instead of speculating, we thought we’d talk to some local sneaker-lovin’ babes to get their perspectives on sneakers and their role in contemporary culture.





Wearing Nike Sock Dart


GIRLS ARE AWESOME: Hey, Caroline. Please introduce yourself.

Caroline Corinth: My name is Caroline, I’m 22 and I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am studying Ethnology at the University of Copenhagen and am a passionate dog mother for my dog, Kaj.


What makes you a sneakerhead?

I’ve always preferred to wear sneakers. I love walking – sometimes my friend and I take a 42-kilometer walk – so comfortable shoes are important to me.


But sneakers are also a way to loosen up my outfit and add a little humour.




How would you describe your personal style—and what does style mean to you?

My style is super simple; I want my clothes to be of good quality and made under good conditions. I love classy colours and styles—and then I spice it all up with a colourful or a bit “over the top” pair of sneakers. For me, style is a way to express myself. It’s a way of showing how you meet the world.


How would you describe the role sneakers play in contemporary culture?

Today, sneakers are all-around shoes. You can wear sneakers every day during the week: to work, to a restaurant, to a nightclub—but also at a wedding or a birthday party. It is a super integrated and accepted shoe, which sends out signals about you as a person.




If you were a particular sneaker, which one would you be and why?

For sure, Nike Air Max 97 “silver/sunset”—this shoe is the perfect mix between “kind of classic” and “way too much.”


What are your words to live by?

I don’t have any words to live by. I just take it one day at a time, trying to fullfill my dreams and be a good friend.


Complete this sentence: “When I wear sneakers…”

“I can walk non-stop for 9 hours.”


Thanks, Caroline.




Caroline is wearing Nike Sock Dart—Nike’s first try at knitting technology which eventually turned into the uber-popular Flyknit. Futuristic-looking from the get go, this special edition has a Nordic lights vibe and contemporary flavour. You can get the shoe at a pop-up store in Copenhagen: from December 9-10, a giant sneaker box will appear in the centre of the city, containing surprise drops of four limited edition sneaker styles you can only get there.