Sneak Peek: Get a First Look at our Upcoming Series on Rappers FVN and Ravi

Get a sneak peek at our “Support Your Local Artists” series with two incredible rappers who are changing the face of the industry.

Teaser alert: @BrooklynBreweryDK and Girls Are Awesome present ‘Support Your Local Artists’  

It’s been a wild year, and we’ve all had to find new, creative ways to come together and lift each other up – and without a doubt, music and culture plays a huge part in keeping folks upbeat during the downtimes. We all know the music industry has been hit particularly hard this past year, most visibly on the live scene, with concerts and festivals getting cancelled. At the same time, we’re still seeing an underrepresentation of women across the music industry at large, and here in Denmark. In other words, we’ve got several great reasons to turn up the volume for female artists – especially right now, when our support is more important than ever.

Here at Girls Are Awesome, we’ve been lucky enough to team up with @BrooklynBreweryDK to put the spotlight on FVN and Ravi, two amazingly talented rappers who are changing the face of the industry. It’s our way of putting them center stage and giving them the mic to hear about their journeys as artists, what they miss the most about being on stage, and how we all can best have their backs during these uncertain times. Spoiler: There’s also a behind-the-scenes live rap moment you won’t find anywhere else!

We can’t wait to show you what we’ve put together, so check back on Wednesday, January 27th for the first drop. And while you’re waiting (and, frankly, until we can get back into the audience in 3-D), here are five easy ways you can support your favorite musicians:

1. Hang onto your tickets to postponed concerts.

2. Stream a *ton* of music – Too much is never enough!

3. Buy your favorite artists’ music and merch online.

4. Follow your favorite artists on social media and engage with their content – Every double-tap and comment helps!

5. Share, share, share! Send your favorite songs to friends via the streaming platforms you use, and post the music you love to social media so others can listen along.


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