Slay Days 2020

What an absolute doozy of a week in Innsbruck for Slay Days 2020! Here’s a peep at what went down.

Woah! What just happened?!

Slay Days 2020 hit Innsbruck and Snowpark Patscherkofel last week dropping 15 event activations over 4 days with daily yoga, movie screenings, panel talks, moshpits, vegan lunches, art and photo shows, beer-drinking, friend-making, community building, progression sessions, ridge-hiking, powder runs, first turns, last calls, late nights, early mornings, lots of love, encouragement, learning, failing, falling, getting up and above all a beautiful overflowing amount of female power and energy!

Girls Are Awesome created Slay Days to introduce more women into freestyle ski and snowboard culture and spotlight the cultural elements around the sports we love, such as photography, art and music, pooling it together in a sort of mini-festival vibe with panel talks and dance-offs. Slay Days exists as a space for inspiration, support, falling, sharing and learning. We aim to leave with new friends and to solidify the friendships we have – and through our shared experiences – hopefully, navigate the madness which is planet Earth in an enriched and newly-informed way. Sounds nuts and very wafty I know, but that’s the gist of it. And that’s exactly what went down! By pulling together these 120 or so people, we’re elevating the riders, coaches, artists, speakers – and we’re also pushing our partners (who we are selective about) to make sure they ensure a gender-balanced team across all elements of the event – and to think differently about role models, and how they can take a number of different forms; from Sonja, the 16-year-old participant who travelled alone from Stuttgart and who just learned to snowboard in December, to industry heavyweights like Alba Pardo and Maria Kuzma, to the coaches, who, while they’re not making the cut to ride the U.S. Open, are ridiculous talents who deserve recognition and a space to share their skills and be rockstars to the participants.

As a father, I want my daughter to have diverse role models absolutely cramming her field of vision as she grows up. I believe that by empowering people to shine, hanging their pictures on walls, putting microphones in their hand for the first time, facilitating progression in the park and telling their stories will benefit society as a whole, as we see more and more female role models in our daily runnings across all walks and levels of society because without seeing and hearing from half of us we’re not getting the full perspective. Anyway, Slay Days was reeeeaaalllly fun and I think it is important.

Gatherings like Slay Days are very important to inspire and empower women. In just a few days we have managed to reconnect with old friends and make new ones that will last a lifetime all whilst enjoying sunny sessions in the park, powder turns and an inspiration-filled side program, but what is truly special was the good vibes from all the awesome girls.

Alba Pardo, editor-in-chief of SBES Magazine and head of WIB, Women in Boardsports

Girls Are Awesome Slay Days provides an essential platform for women to come together and share knowledge, ideas, encouragement and have aspirational experiences in aspirational places such as the beautiful mountains. It’s having those experiences together that will bond us closer, the high fives, powder laps, bails and fails all mix together to create something special. It’s that unique feeling that will drive us to protect theses unique spaces and memories in the future. Which is what Protect our Winters is all about.

Lauren MacCallum, General Manager of Protect our Winters (POW) UK

First of all, thank you to the participants – we do this for you! We’re grateful for your trust and openness, for showing up and for dealing with the ridiculous schedule (we have noted it’s maaaaybe a bit much).

We absolutely couldn’t produce Slay Days without the financial and event support of our main partners Burton, Blue Tomato, Nikita, Snowpark Patscherkofel and the resort itself, and Red Bull.
And without the hours of support from Sophie at The Distillery and Birgit Gruber. As well as Fred (and Konni) from Dachsbau. Also a huge thank you to Jannis for the endless positivity, great shaping and support on the mountain. Pernille from Copenhagen Distillery. Joris and the Montagu crew, The Kater Noster crew Marco, Hannes and Eri, all the coaches from brands (Valerie, Laura, Lisa, Katha, Emma, Tinka, Urska, Lisa, Klara) the first-time-but-best-ever speakers Dani and Caitlin. Vanessa, Gunda, Stefanie and Nina from Shred Unit. Aline Bock, Lena Stoffel, Alba Pardo, Lauren MacCallum, Dani Meyer and Maria Kuzma for speaking. Neea, Patrick, Michi, Stefan, Tim, Dana from Burton. Elena Könz, Mirte, Katha, Stephanie, Rebekka from Nikita. Teresa, Greta, Lea, Alexandra and the shop staff from Blue Tomato. Julianne from Red Bull. Laura Martinez and Gabriel Mojon from Life in White, Diana from Radio FM4, Stella Whitelines, Dani from Prime, Hannah from Pleasure (I hope you feel better!), Sharon and Aske from Ravi Kuma and our giant crew Pipa, AK, Emilie, Nikolaj, Sonia, Nicki, Peter and Danny for amazing food everyday, Miriam, Paula, Alieke, Kimmie, Maya, Pia, Mona, Crystal (for amazing beats). Biggest thank you goes to Tine Ewe Jensen for being the absolute best event boss I’ve experienced full stop, you blow me away. And good chats.
Slay Days Session 2021 is ON!
Stay tuned for dates.
x nick


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