How Skateistan is Revolutionizing Young Skaters’ Lives

Skateistan is all about education, community and teaching girls to be talented skaters.

Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa are not the first places that come to mind when you think of Skateboarding—but these days, that’s all changing.

We’ve previously spoken to Cambodian skate coach Tin about how Skateistan and skateboarding changed her life when the project began in Kabul in 2007 as a ‘Sports for Development’ project. Since then, it has developed into an International movement that uses skateboarding as a channel for education, enriching the lives of children aged 5-18. Skateistan‘s programme focuses on providing education by reaching out to girls and working children.

The Citizens of Skateistan is the great community making all of this happen, and it’s open for everyone to join. Whether it being students, staff, skaters or teachers, it’s all about sharing the same dream of improving and strengthening the future of children through skateboarding and education. They offer programmes such as ‘Skate and Create’, ‘Back-To-School’ and ‘Youth Leadership’ to the youth of Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. Hopefully, they’ll expand to many more places.



By donating $10 or more a month, you become a Citizen of Skateistan and help make it possible for thousands of girls and young children to remain children in some of the more troublesome areas in the world. Sounds pretty good to us.


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