Sina Luxor On How to Fit Your Dreams In A Van And Go

Meet Sina Luxor, a sunshine-filled multi-talented surf girl who turns reality into dreams while cruising in her van.

We had the opportunity to speak to Sina Luxor. One of those people who embody the essence of courage, down to earth good vibes and who dives into life with a refreshing point of view.

Growing up by the beach in Egypt, Sina was rocking all kinds of water-sports. At the age of 15 she ended up living in a dorm in Denmark, but missing life by the beach too much, Sina made her way to Klitmøller, also called “Cold Hawaii”. Surfing and skating made her soul and creativity float free and alongside that, she managed to finish school and save money to buy a surf van. A beautiful beige Mitsubishi from 1985 made her dream come true, even before she had her drivers license in hand. But as she says: “If you want it, work for it.” And so she did. 

Her and her boyfriend spent a good stretch of time working their asses off and in December 2019 they could finally take off in their house on wheels from Cold Hawaii. Since then, their trip has brought them down through Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium and France where they surfed the entire coastline. The couple has decided to stay put in Portugal for now. Chilling, surfing, skating, grabbing life day by day while developing their creative skills in photography, painting, jewelry making and tattooing.

When and how did you get into surfing?

When I was 3 y.o. I was water skiing, and as I turned eight I got my eyes on wakeboarding. I became a part of the national Egyptian team of wakeboarding and traveled for a lot for competitions. When I moved to Klitmøller I started skating and surfing, which I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.


Why did you choose to move to Klitmøller, what inspired you?

It reminded me of home, I grew up near the beach and I just felt way more comfortable in a place where I had more in common with the locals, where we could share our love for the ocean.

What does surfing mean to you? Which emotions does it make you feel?

This is gonna’ sound like a cliché, but when I’m in the ocean I feel at home. Being able to cruise on a wave that mother earth has provided for you is so perfectly mesmerizing. To the point where I forget my troubles, all thoughts are gone and all focus is on the movements of the ocean.

You’re a self-taught multi-creative artist and tattoo artist. How did you develop your skills? 

I’ve drawn and painted since I was little. One day at the dorm in Klitmøller, a classmate knocked on my door around 12 am. I was already asleep, but he was very persistent and shouted: “Sina, do you wanna buy a tattoo machine?“ and I was like: “WHY NOT!”.  So that’s how it all started. We bought some silicone to practice on, and by the end of the year 50% of the dorm’s population left with my ‘signature’ on them. Last year it actually ended up becoming my highest way of income.

What goes through your mind while painting? What thoughts and observations lead you to turn a photo into a painting?

It’s like therapy to me. I put on a good album and get lost in the vibe. Whenever I see a photo I’ve snapped myself that looks aesthetically pleasing, I try to paint it as realistically as possible. I want the result to look like a photo if seen from afar. It takes hours but it’s all worth every minute.


What are the challenges of being on the road while living in a van?

This van is from 1985, so spare parts are tricky, seeing they don’t make them anymore. Also not having a shower or bathroom really makes you appreciate it when you have it available. Space can be tricky, but you quickly realize that a van might be all the space you need as a home.


The best places to check out in Portugal for surfing?

 Portugal is a great place to travel in a van. Compared to France and Holland, many parking lots are free with public water and showers nearby. We stayed in Baleal for two months. There are two surf spots by the island, free parking spots, free water, and shower plus a beautiful view!

What’s the best thing about living the way you do? 

Waking up different places and still being in your home. 

Four months ago, we lived in freezing Denmark, two months ago, we were cruising down the French coastline, today we’re in Peniche, Portugal. The sky’s the limit. Wherever I feel like going, is where I will be. Every day is a new adventure. I’d say the highlight is driving to a new surf spot and score perfect waves.

Do you have any exciting projects coming up we should look out for? 

You can actually find me in the new “Cold Hawaii” series that’s being edited right now, coming out this August. I’ll be playing Chloe, a local surfer girl in Klitmøller, Cold Hawaii. 

Do you mind sharing a life lesson you’ve learned on the road?

Be open. Be kind. Share more. Strangers have been so helpful on our trip.

What’s your best advice for people who are eager to start surfing but don’t know how to begin? 

Take your time, surfing isn’t easy. Start out on a longboard (8-9”) and small waves. Then it will be easier to build up the courage to improve.

Let’s talk a little bit about fear, you don’t seem to have any.  What’s your secret?

Your comfort zone will kill you! If you don’t try out the things you really want in life, are you then really living? We have one life, why not give it the best shot? Yes, fear exists but how you chose to control it is the key.

Last but not least, life has several ups and downs; how can we be thankful for the challenges we’ve experienced? 

Without the bad you simply can’t appreciate the good. That’s why it’s there, to teach you.

Thanks Sina, Sea ya soon!


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