Simone Vs Herself: Get into the First Episode of Simone Biles’ New FB Watch Series Here!

Simone Biles’ long-awaited Facebook Watch series just premiered, and we’ve got the first episode for you here!

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G.O.A.T. alert, y’all! Simone Biles is coming through, beginning today, with a new series on Facebook Watch titled Simone Vs Herself that follows her journey in the lead-up to the Tokoyo 2021 Olympics, and we can’t wait to get into it!

The superstar is not only the most decorated American gymnast; she also has a collection of 30 Olympic and World Championship medals. She *stays* breaking records – and getting moves named after her (four and counting!) – while raising the bar for gymnasts around the world and looking sharp while doing it. And now that the world is opening back up, it’s time for Simone Biles to return to the gym. Watch the first episode here:

“I want to challenge myself to be the best Simone I can be for me and, no matter the outcome, share with my fans the process and approach I am taking along the way in the hope that it may help inspire others to be the best version of themselves, too.””
– Simone Biles –

“The seven-episode docuseries will give viewers an exclusive look into the challenges Biles faced after the Olympics were postponed, forcing her to push her career an extra year so she could compete in Tokyo in 2021. The series also looks back at how Biles has dealt with the incredibly high expectations of being such an elite athlete and her journey to being not only the best gymnast she can be, but one of the best gymnasts of all time,” says PopSugar.

Simone Biles

We’re going to be glued to our screens for the next few weeks watching Simone Vs Herself, and can’t wait to follow along with Simone Biles’ amazing journey! And psst, if you’re into female athletes, make sure to check out your next read here.


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