Simone Klimmeck’s Zodiac Illustrations for JOLIE Mag Are Dreamy and Delicate

The latest series from the German tattoo artist and illustrator feels easy-breezy and easy to love.

If you’re one of those people with a soft spot for zodiac memes and trendy tee shirts that spell astrology-related puns on them, you’re gonna dig this. If you’re more like us a.k.a. have no idea why everyone’s constantly talking about cancer season all of a sudden, you’re still gonna dig this. That’s because German tattoo artist and illustrator Simone Klimmeck‘s latest zodiac-based series for JOLIE mag isn’t just a riff on the astrology obsession: more than that, it’s a blissfully lighthearted yet robustly executed bunch of collages that showcases artistic chops against your fave blend of eye-pleasing pastel tones.

Each illustration in the series plays with watercolour, collage and classic model profiles to create a distinctly feminine and approachable vibe. Even notorious Scorpio gets a softer touch with a cute curvy braid and shimmering blue tones! So take it easy, it’s spring, welcome the good vibes and get all starry-eyed over this series of illustrations.