Simone Klimmeck’s Visual Guide to Bavaria’s Secret Escapes

See the German tattooist and her homies explore Bavaria's sublime mountains and lakes—and maybe go check 'em out yourself.

A few weeks back, German tattooist Simone Klimmeck ditched the urban sprawl of Berlin for a getaway at her original stomping grounds in Bavaria—the southern region of Germany revered for its traditional towns, fierce independence and uniquely Alpine culture. However, what most don’t know is that Bavaria also boasts jaw droppingly stunning nature—as is exemplified in this photo series, shot by Simone’s longtime friend and successful blogger Angela Doe. Read what Simone has to say about the hidden spots displayed in the pics, and maybe plan a little visit for yourself while you’re at it:

“Some of these photos were taken at Eibsee in Bavaria, which is the lake at the foot of Germany’s highest mountain, Zugspitze. My friends and I go there quite often: it’s just incredibly beautiful with its turquoise water and the mountain panorama which almost feels like Italy. We even found some snakeskin that day! Do you know that feeling of forgetting that certain animals exist in your area just because you never get to see them? I was quite excited to find this proof that there are snakes in Bavaria—huge snakes, too.

I try to always go there to chill when I’m home; it’s like a lil’ secret paradise. It’s pretty private also due to its huge size; you can always find spots where no one else is.

The other photos were taken at Kampenwand, my favourite mountain to go hiking at. This time we were a bigger group of around six people including some of my closest friends, amongst them Angela and Niklas & Ina, who will get married and made me their wedding witness (I’ll be Niklas’ best man—feels nice to be a man, haha.) We went up there quite late ’cause we wanted to see the sunset over the alps; in the end, we didn’t get the cheesy alps view we had hoped for but rather a fictional and surreal fog scenario that made everything look a bit like a Game of Thrones set. Everything was dipped in that thick fog, and we were the only ones up there that time. So magical.

We descended at night, in the dark, with headlamps—some of us a bit scared of the mountain ghosts or whatever you imagine lives in completely dark woods around you. 

The last photograph was taken at the stu—a collective art space run by friends of mine, where I tattoo from time to time.

I wish I had time to do more getaways/trips like that – it’s these kinda days you remember at the end of the year.”