Simone Klimmeck’s Playlist

Listen to the classic 80s jams and oozing new wave anthems the tattooist uses to amp up and wind down throughout the day.

Throughout the past few months, Girls Are Awesome and adidas Originals have been working with German illustrator and tattooist Simone Klimmeck to help her reach her tattooing goals. As a result, we’ve gotten to know her and her particular personal aesthetic: a futuristic, experimental blend of lifestyle influences and tactile materials that exude a vibe that’s simultaneously nostalgic and almost cosmic.

So when we asked her to make us a playlist, the resulting tracks didn’t come as much of a surprise. Her blend of classic 80s hits, pumping new wave and softly oozing electronica is pretty much the musical interpretation of the galactic aesthetic she’s nailed. So whether you’re into the delightful camp of Paula Abdul, the growling chaos of Crystal Castles or the goth electronica of TR/ST, you’ll find something in Simone’s playlist to satisfy any 80s-driven cravings of melancholic dance urges of yours. Enjoy!

Cover photo by Sam Hendel