Shredders Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto Kill It At Vans Pro Skate In Malmö

We caught up with two of the world’s top skateboarders about olympics and how much it sucks to be called a ‘girl’ skater.

Interview | lizzie armanto | nora vasconcellos

A few months ago, the Vans Pro Skate Parks Series – one of the most prestigious skateboarding championships in the world – held their final championship in Malmö. Given that we’re a bunch of skate nerds, we decided to pop over—and ended up catching up with two of our favourite shredders,  Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto. For those of you still in the dark about them, Nora’s a 23 year old bundle of skate power with a sense of humour that’ll leave you in stitches. She’s one of the world’s most hyped skateboarders right now, and same goes for Lizzie Armanto: considered one of the world’s top ten female skateboarders, she’s been the name on everyone’s lips for a while now. Luckily, the two sat down with us, messed around and told us why it sucks to be called a girl skateboarder.  Check it out.