Merino Icon Beanie – Thistle


The Girls Are Awesome Merino Icon Beanie will keep your big, beautiful brain warm and snuggly no matter where you live. Bonus: it goes pretty well with dry shampoo and a hangover.

  • 100% Lambswool Merino
  • Made in Portugal
  • Ribbed For Extra Pleasure
  • Longer Than Your Other Beanie
  • Because We Care
  • Extra High Roll Up
  • Matches Your Eyes – Cos They’re Purple
  • Rita is a loving grandmother who refuses to bow down to ageism – in her own words ‘people my age are really boring’. She has always been a huge inspiration for the younger generation but also pushes her fellow elders to get the most out of life. She is living proof that you can do whatever you like if you stick to your guns.

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