Double Drip Lambswool Merino Beanie – Iceberg / Dirt

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The Girls Are Awesome Double Drip Lambswool Merino Beanie is an icy light light light blue and earthy coloured Lambswool Merino Beanie with an extra high fold up, enlarged logo tab and Girls Are Awesome branding so no one is in doubt of what time it is. As always with our beanies, this will keep your big, beautiful brain warm and snuggly no matter where you live. It’s Lambswool Merino which is toastier than toast. Bonus: it goes pretty well with dry shampoo and a hangover.

  • 100% Lambswool Merino
  • Iceberg & Dirt Colourway
  • Made in Portugal
  • New Massive Label
  • Extra High Roll Up
  • Matches Your Eyes

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