The Shit in my Bag: Louise Lyngbo

Louise Lyngbo, also known as Lois, is the playful, graphical mastermind behind the blog Lois & Me. We took a look at the black hole she calls her handbag.

Louise Lyngbo, the founder of the blog Lois & Me, collects quirky stuff and strong color splashes in a universe of yellow bananas, green leaves and raw walls. Besides her rainbow-colored blog, she is the graphic designer at international girl’s sneaker store Naked. It’s basically her personal universe spiced with the freshest kicks from adidas, nike or asics. Recently, her work has been acknowledged by sneakerfreak magazine Hypebae.

Louise is also a Girls Are Awesome gang member supporting us with her curly brain and great smiley eyes behind them big glasses, which have kind of become iconic in combination with her Emily-the-Strange kind of hair.

We were invited to dig into her bag to see what shit she carries around everyday. Atypically, the bag is rather small but contains a shitload of gold.



“This everyday bag of mine is simple but can hold everything I need. My most important item among my shit is my notebook, which I always have on me. It is for all my good ideas but I can’t write notes without drawing something on the side, too. I used to do it all the time but now it’s mostly at work that I have actually the time for it.”



“My phone is so old, I constantly need my charger – or maybe it is because I’m online too much and drain my battery. Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr are my favourite apps. I love looking at beautiful pictures and pin a lot of them, either to use them on my own accounts or to get inspiration for pictures we can do on Naked’s Instagram.”


“My ultimate favourite item, though, is the small Lego figure that looks like me. Black hair and glasses and always wearing black. I made my own Lois-figure out of two standard figures that I bought. Apparently I consist of one half “librarian” and one half “spooky girl”.”



“Regarding all the pink: I just can’t help myself. It started when I was young. I have always loved that color. In my teens it was not that cool, but I still wore it from time to time. Suddenly it exploded and now I have a lot of pink clothes and sneakers. And my favourite poster on my wall is the cover I did for Bitchslap’s Girls Are Awesome issue – a pink poster with a donut in a banana.”