The Shit In My Bag: Linnea Bullion

This is not a fashion thing. We just think that there are some hidden, golden stories in the deep black hole you call your bag.

We had a quick chat with photographer and Girls Are Awesome L.A. Gang Member Linnea Bullion about the shit in her bag–because y’all know what we mean when we say your handbags are black holes of weird, old bits of food, makeup, condoms and sample lotions.

Basically, Linnea’s bagged treasures are mostly related to her friends – either because she’s helpful in unpredictable situations or because she’s a lizard thief. You’ll never know.

Here are Linnea’s top 5 necessities:

  • “Matches that I hoard from Kingswell skate shop (I don’t smoke, but find that having a light is always a great way to make friends). I always grab a few packs every time I go there.”
  • “Lady essentials – pads, a tampon, mints, and Ibuprofen. Not just so that I’m prepared, but so that I’m always prepared to help out my fellow ladies!”
  • “A squeaky lizard toy once given by a friend, never given back.”
  • “Spare change that has yet to find its way into the pink coin purse.”
  • “An overly small jump drive (thumb drive? I still don’t know the proper term) with lord knows what’s on it these days. Probably just a single movie.”


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