Selina Miles’s “The Wanderers” Delves into Australia’s Next-Gen of Street Artists

Get on board with Selina Miles and her stories of art and the people who create it.

Australian director Selina Miles has been in the trenches for years. Having created the absolute beast that is the SOFLES – Limitless video what feels like forever ago (it’s currently at over 13M views), Selina’s been telling stories of people and art for over a decade – seamlessly balancing both commercial and documentary work and very much leaving a footprint globally; she’s a represented director in Sydney, Paris, New York and London.

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Her recent feature documentary “Martha” follows the life and work of iconic photographer Martha Cooper whose early work catalysed the global street art movement.

Not exactly news, but a story worth telling all the same, we stumbled across Selina’s Wanderers series embarrassingly late–it’s a few years-old now–and wanted to pop the trailer on the site here in the hope you’ll jump through and give the very-digestible-in-their-8-minutes-episodes a watch, there’s 7 of them.

While you’re at it you can find Selina Miles on Instagram and Vimeo.


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