Selina Miles’s “The Wanderers” Delves into Australia’s Next-Gen of Street Artists

Get on board with Selina Miles and her stories of art and the people who create it.

art | director

Australian director Selina Miles has been in the trenches for years. Having created the absolute beast that is the SOFLES – Limitless video what feels like forever ago (it’s currently at over 13M views), Selina’s been telling stories of people and art for over a decade – seamlessly balancing both commercial and documentary work and very much leaving a footprint globally; she’s a represented director in Sydney, Paris, New York and London.

art | director

Her recent feature documentary “Martha” follows the life and work of iconic photographer Martha Cooper whose early work catalysed the global street art movement.

Not exactly news, but a story worth telling all the same, we stumbled across Selina’s Wanderers series embarrassingly late–it’s a few years-old now–and wanted to pop the trailer on the site here in the hope you’ll jump through and give the very-digestible-in-their-8-minutes-episodes a watch, there’s 7 of them.

While you’re at it you can find Selina Miles on Instagram and Vimeo.


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