Sarah Rosado’s Carb-Praising Creations

Artist Sarah Rosado proves that your mum was wrong: playing with your food can lead to great things.

Modern day fitness fanatics tell you that carbohydrates are bad and sugar is even worse. Luckily, some people don’t listen to all that mumbo jumbo—and one of those people is artist Sarah Rosado, who creates the yummiest pop star portraits out there and makes you reconsider growing out of playing with your food.

Listening to old R&B songs inspired her to create breakfast portraits, such as her series called “Portrait Oats”, where she meticulously re-creates famous paintings by old masters such as Da Vinci, Van Gogh and Michelangelo. When she first began working, she found inspiration in both darkness and light and everything from her love for nature, life and happiness to fears, sadness and social ills.

“We live in a world that is full of suffering and pain and some of my art twists that in a way to make it all beautiful and happy.”

That’s what Rosado told us this when explaining how it came as a surprise to her that much of her own work was inspired by something she loves to do.

The unusual matter she chooses to work with separates her from other artists and, as Rosado told us, she is fully aware and proud of this uncommon approach to portraits:

“I have my own signature art style and I dislike when people think you have to play by their rules by creating art in a certain way.  Conforming to rules is something that I believe takes away from your uniqueness.”

Thanks, Sarah, and keep the grain love going!


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