Sanity for Your Week From Florist, Overjoy, Tula, Phebe Starr, and Mu

Because listening to people talking isn’t nearly as fun as listening to this little playlist.

The weather is weird lately and so is your mood. The days are already getting shorter and so is your temper. Your upstairs neighbors are either rebuilding their apartment from scratch or starting a woodworking-and-bang-heavy-objects-together club and your uncle won’t stop tweeting publicly his support of Donald Trump. Interactions with fellow human beings are starting to feel like work. We understand the struggle.

As you’re sifting through the chaos this week, take solace in the peace and quiet of these warm and nostalgic songs that will make you forget your worries and think about the things that truly matter in life.

“Vacation” – Florist

This soft ballad captures the beauty of your childhood in one simple song. Its gentle honesty is so endearing, it will nearly bring you to tears. The lyrics are written in the direct and unfiltered prose of your eight-your-old-self, ringing with the genuine spirit of old wind chimes. Get ready for a flood of memories.

“Holiday” – Overjoy

The anthemic “Holiday” rings steadily across a strong and insistent bass line which treads through otherworldly synths and dreamy vocals. It’s pretty much everything you need to take a – dare we say – HOLIDAY from your day!

“No Name” – Tula

You must – must, must, MUST – hear the pure and organic croon of the lovely Swedish Tula. Her raw, unaltered layering of vocals match the sound of the soft, plucked strings, creating a cacophony of mod folk richness. This track is vintage Tula, from several years ago. Her style has since become more modern but still contains the haunting rhythmic idiosyncrasies of classic folk.

“Lavender Scars” – Phebe Starr

Phebe Starr’s “Lavender Scars” is so relatable it’s incredible. This song will lift you up in all kinds of ways. “No, it’s not easy to know how to feel in the midst of despair”, she sings. Although the lyrics are dealing with some pretty intense stuff, the mood of the song is so utterly victorious. This track will surely restore your faith in humanity.

“Disarmed” – Mu
This song is probably you’ll ever come to sonically floating. The steady build is just the right antidote for a new day—and the rest of the song is a soft echo and an anthem of self-discovery you wish would never end.

Good luck battling the noise this week. We recommend over-the-ear noise-cancelling headphones.


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