Your Anger is a Gift: How Sample-cm’s #GB2021Club Fashion Came to be Pretty Deadly

For her new Grand Bassin collection, #GB2021Club, fashion designer Margot Charbonnier looks into the intricacies of female anger in sports and demystifies the gender binaries that so often come with these spaces.

Photo by Lucia Jost

In an exclusive for Girls Are Awesome, and led by fashion designer Margot Charbonnier, the team produced and shot a series of portraits with the students of Pretty Deadly Self Defense in Berlin, styled with the #GB2021Club designs, vintage martial-arts sportswear and the students’ personal pieces. Below is the first in our two-part series looking at reclaiming female anger and strength, and capturing it in pieces that empower the women who wear them. Read the first installment below, then make sure to check out round two here!

Words by Anna Ptasinska, Photos by Lucia Jost

When it starts, it emerges, and it overtakes you. 

It’s as if an uncontrollable wave of emotion erupts within you, within your inner-core. This uncontrollable feeling grows and releases through your bloodstream, almost blind-sighting you with hotheadedness. At this moment, you understand how the proverbial straw could break a camel’s back. 

You breathe in, breathe out, and become mindful; anger, what a human feeling it is. In fact, it’s so human that it is tied to our very own nervous system in order to help us survive. Yet, for some time, this emotion has been very much misunderstood. It has been so misunderstood; in fact, for many women, it has even been strongly repressed and stigmatized. 

It’s the tiny movements in our everyday lives that can significantly impact our environments. Fashion designer and founder of label Sample-cm, Margot Charbonnier, has tapped into this insight for her new Grand Bassin collection, #GB2021Club. Margot’s latest collection is analytical and collaborative, tapping into women’s rage and disrupting the fashion industry by introducing the world of boxing/martial arts to luxury fashion (within a femme context). How so? Well then, read on… 

Her label, ‘Grand Bassin’, is heavily designed through sociological aspects and their relationship to the fashion industry. “I have been trying to fit into the very privileged world that is the fashion industry, and I have felt the great urge with this collection, to be honest, to talk about my personal struggles as a female designer,” says Margot with a demeanour of brutal reflection. She has introduced interactive clothing by integrating the aesthetics, culture, and social symbolism in boxing and martial arts through her new #GB2021Club collection. 

Her new collection speaks about female identity within the vicinity of sport… yes, take a moment and think back… female anger… in sports? Even as women, people ask, “how does that resonate with you?” I’m sure snippets of Serena Williams during the US Open final come to mind… Let’s break this thought pattern constructively so. Margot has taken sportswear to a new dimension by assimilating individual mobility and therapy by incorporating a space that keeps people enchanted through the act of processing their own injustices and traumas. 

“It’s cathartic to speak up,” says Margot, “working in the fashion industry has made me want to speak of the struggles as a female designer from a working-class background. I wanted to stand for what I am, to stop pretending and to assimilate myself into a world that I most probably am not part of, while trying to make money and surpass injustice and traumas.” — this quote is too good to even shorten for a text. So good, in fact, that there is no option but to divulge further… 

Her new collection works as a collaborative effort with Franziska Vogt from YYIJ Berlin and Sara De Ubieta from De-Ubieta Barcelona. Together, hey have provided an elegant twist on a knuckleduster for women as well as a line of boxing sneakers. By collaborating with the future per se, Margot has highlighted an avenue within the fashion industry by paving a way that is inclusive and feminist. 

We have more on Margot’s collection, as well as the designers teaming up with the ladies of Pretty Deadly Self Defense to take ownership of their space and physical autonomy – so check back tomorrow for that! In the meantime, check out the #GB2021Club Collection here, including the interactive lookbook!

Creative direction. Margot Charbonnier for
Lucia Jost
Greta Natalia Tettamanzi
Gabriela Matuszewska
Pretty Deadly Self Defense
Special thanks to
Susie Kahlich
Header image: Lena in Sample-cm turtleneck and wrestling jumpdress, Everlast x AgnesB jumper, Sample-cm punching bag and Sinobi shoes.

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