Roskilde Festival Hurts So Good

We asked a couple of girls at Roskilde Festival to share the crazy stories behind their scars with us. Most involve pain, tears, a bit of alcohol and super good times.

babes | Bruises | Girls

Written by Iliana Papargyri

Emily, 20

babes | Bruises | Girls

babes | Bruises | Girls

Hello Emily, is this your first time at Roskilde Festival?

No, I have been here five or six years.

Oh wow, you are a veteran! So, tell us how did you manage to get that scar of yours?

I was working with a lot of people in a restaurant making food, and I was just too busy and then I was like “Oh holy crap”, and I just burnt it, and everybody was like “it’s not that bad…”

I just went in the next day and it was hurting a lot. Everybody thinks that I tried to hurt myself because I was sad or something. Once I went in this interview with a T-shirt because it was hot, and I could see that the person who was doing the interview was looking at my scar and I was like damn it.

Thanks for sharing. Have an awesome festival!


Ditte, 24

babes | Bruises | Girls

babes | Bruises | Girls

Hello Ditte, is this your first time at Roskilde Festival?

No, this is actually my sixth!

Wow, that’s impressive! You already showed us your bruise. Can you tell us what happened?

I was traveling in Thailand, like everybody else after high school and it was the day of my 21st birthday and me my two friends decided that we want to rent some scooters. As soon as I stepped up on the scooter I was like “this scooter is going to drive me I am not going to drive it”. We went for a drive to the ocean for like an hour and at some point, we took a wrong turn and as I was turning I hit the speeder instead of the breaks and I just went straight into a concrete wall. My knee got fucked up and my chin too and my throat as well, but I survived and got pretty drunk on Tequila the same evening, so everything was great!

That’s the spirit!


Elke, 27

babes | Bruises | Girls

babes | Bruises | Girls

Hi Elke, is this your first time at Roskilde Festival?

It’s my second actually!

Awesome! You have a nasty bruise there. Want to tell us what happened?

So, I met this really cute guy at one of the warm up festivals and we started kissing and then my friends got jealous, so they run over and tried to stop it in action and we all fell over and I landed on my hip!

Ouch! Talk about an intervention. Thank you for sharing, have a great festival!


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