Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed At Noname

A casually epic overflow of effortlessly cool lo-fi rap goodness.


roskilde festival
Fatimah Warner, better known by her edgy moniker Noname, tore it up in her official Roskilde Festival debut. She overtook a formidable audience at Apollo stage on Thursday afternoon with her infectious chill levels and effortless flow. Her nearly hour long solid performance melded seamlessly from song to soulful song with unrelenting coolness and a warm and welcoming demeanor, rainy weather notwithstanding.

From the moment she walked out on stage and booted up her performance with classics off of her fire 2016 release Telefone, she had won the crowd over. She rapped over gorgeously groovy keys and simple yet effective rhythms in her loungy sweatshirt and comfy skirt. Noname truly had the swag to back up such a simple and still powerful flow, engaging the blissful audience with every song, despite the steady flow of rain.

As was evidenced in her live performance, Noname has a clear sense of self and strength with expressing herself to crowds which hang on and vibe off of her every word. She is already quite established as an artist, bolstering her own career with features on notable rapper buddies Chance the Rapper and Mick Jenkins, even appearing on the legendary stage of American late night television show Saturday Night Live alongside Chance.
Although it is clear that she receives inspiration from fellow rappers and R&B musicians, she has her own signature style and her own point of view as a fully formed and fully dope female rap artist. Among her influences are Buddy Guy and other blues musicians tied closely to her home city of Chicago, Illinois. It is also clear that she draws off of previous skill as a slam poetry wordsmith in her Bronzeville neighborhood.

She is a rap artist with a strong message and a fertile mind for musicianship. We are so glad she popped by to Denmark to grace the rainy Apollo stage during her worldwide tour this year.


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