Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia is the queen of New York rap right now. Yesterday she threw her tough, original lines around Roskilde Festival while still seducing our pants off.

There are concerts you can’t wait to lose your face to, and then there are the ones you stumble upon that blow you away. I developed an unexpected girl crush yesterday as Princess Nokia rapped me into another dimension in which I am apparently a lesbian!

Her audacious demeanor mixed with her raw voice and tiny frame was too much for my heart to handle, and so I just gave into the beat with the rest of the crowd. Kudos to the festival for giving this tiny beast a larger stage for her powerful and all-encompassing personality.

While the line up at this year’s Roskilde Festival shows a slight underrepresentation of strong female artists, let’s praise the ones who manage to go all out, lady balls blazing, and fill the gender gap by just being extra. I left the concert feeling empowered, badass and in love.

Do yourself the favor of exploring the music you didn’t know you wanted to hear! Sometimes the best Roskilde experience is the one you didn’t see coming.


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