Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed at Lorde

Classic melancholy mixed with just the right amount of hype, crazy dance moves and a bangin black dress.

The lovely and talented Lorde is back after a three year hiatus with even more emotional soul-baring beat-bouncing electropop anthems. Needless to say after an immensely well-received debut album, Pure Heroine, which rocketed the charismatic New Zealand native to fame in 2015, awed audiences were wondering what she would do next. It is not often that an artist makes a transition from angsty high school student to overnight worldwide success, zero to pure heroine.

As was abundantly clear at her live performance at the packed Arena stadium on Friday, she’s definitely still got it. The show encompassed everything we know and love about the now twenty-year-old songstress. All of the emotion, excitement, infectious energy was alive and well in her Roskilde debut performance.

Lorde opened looking hot AF in classic all black with a classic from Pure Heroine, the intense and driven hit “Tennis Court”, which got the audience hopping straight from the start. It was impressive and compelling to watch her enter immediately into her well-known and loved performance style, with the confidence and purity as though she had never exited from her previously public persona. She continued on with brooding and beautiful songs from Pure Heroine like “Buzzcut Season”, “Ribs”, “Team” and, of course, “Royals”. Naturally, she also included newfound classics from Melodrama which integrated the most positive form of drama into her passion-fueled performance.

Lorde communicates most clearly and concisely through the honesty of her music and the essence and energy of her performance in the flesh. While she exclaimed adorable asides like “holy moly” and “it’s a dream”, thanking the crowd profusely for having her, she was not particularly chatty in between songs. Instead allowing the music to speak for itself and the movement and dexterity of her impeccable live performance shine through. The result was something extremely compelling and complete as a cohesive experience.


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