Roskilde Briefs: Here’s What You Missed At Halsey

Rain boots have never looked so sexy.

roskilde festival

Hyped American singer/songwriter Halsey brought the house down on Saturday evening with the frills and fireworks of a stadium performance, all the while rocking a sweatshirt and rain boots. She created energy and excitement in a herd of tired and smelly festival goers with endless levels of cool enthusiasm and charisma, stating outright, “are you guys a little dirty? Are you a little tired? Are you a little drunk? Good, me too.”

She continued on with an hour of bombastic singles, powering through a hearty mix of both her old and new material from the last two years, not shying away from indulging the audience with her “best of” hits like “Closer” and “Bad At Love”. She persistently kept the mood sky high, never once letting the vibe falter between explosive tracks.

For many, Halsey is the emblem of a young and angsty generation, a gritty and powerful voice belting out our common experience. In essence, her performance was nothing short of masterful. You would think such a small person would be engulfed by such a large and intimidating stage as Roskilde Arena. Yet as she danced determinedly across the enormous stage in what seemed like her favorite cozy sweatshirt, she left everyone in the audience with lifted spirits and the perseverance to keep calm and party on.
roskilde festivalroskilde festivalroskilde festival


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