Roll Call: Female DJs in Europe

Calling all female DJs in Europe – We need you on this track! Take Future Female Sounds’ new survey about what it’s like to be you, and help them put together the most badass European Female DJ Summit later this year.

female djs

Are you a female DJ in Europe? We need your voice in the mix!

We wanted to let you know about a survey that the Copenhagen-based collective Future Female Sounds is carrying out in collaboration with SheSaidSo and female:pressure.

In conjunction with the first ever European Female DJ Summit, they’re launching a survey to gather historic regional data on the working conditions of women, non-binary and gender minority DJs across Europe. The survey contains a range of questions about the experiences of life as a DJ in Europe, as they aim to investigate the challenges, trends, and status of ALL women, non-binary and gender minority DJ’s across Europe.

This survey is a prerequisite to apply for the open call for the EU summit, so we hope you will all take part in it! The findings will be presented at the summit, and in a digital DJ Guide so everyone can navigate their way around increasing visibility of women in the music industry. The survey closes on the 1st of May so get your answers in now, and help spread the word!

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