Role Models: Photographer Petra Kleis

“I see myself more as a kind of spokesperson or a platform… more like a medium for the girls that I admire.”

Even though Danish photographer Petra Kleis sort of tripped into her future career, it’s clear she was always meant to be there. We sat down with her to hear about what life has been like behind the camera, how she views her role in the collaborative creative process, and what advice she has for others.

“It’s like the world has changed; there’s not any room anymore for those giant egos. The power balance has shifted – you need to be a kind person to be able to have success now. So, work hard and be kind.”

We’re in the middle of our new Sunday series introducing you to some of the role models that inspire the sh!t outta us. We asked them about life, perspectives and moments, creating space for people and their stories. We’ve got new videos dropping every week, so check back soon to meet your next role model!

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