Role Models: Instagrammer Annemette aka @DJOliveOil

“The level of politeness on my Tinder is so low that every time I receive a genuinely nice and polite message, I’m overwhelmed and I’m like I want to marry you!”

Behind the hilarious and often too true for comfort Instagram handle @DJOliveOil is the quirky and huge-hearted Annemette. She’s on the lookout for common human decency in a world ruled by online dating. Through DJ Olive Oil, she shares her encounters with dudes of Tinder – the creepy, the weird and the wild.

She’s recently come forward about her own encounters with physical, sexual harassment. But she’s not the only one. In a time of #MeToo and battles with sexism, Annemette’s advice to everyone is to treat people like we want to be treated.

“For quite some time, I’ve been extremely tired of the saying: ‘People are so easily offended these days.’ It’s bullshit… Treat people the way you want to be treated – and stay sexy, if you want to!”
– Annemette –

This is the final installment in our Sunday Role Models series introducing you to some of the role models that inspire the sh!t outta us. We asked them about life, perspectives and moments, creating space for people and their stories. We dropped new videos every week, so make sure to click around and find your next role model!

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Interview + Filming:
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Emma Ishøy


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