Role Models: Curve Model Zelma Lewerissa

“We’re just models and I don’t think we should be put in a different category. We do the same work.”

If you don’t know Zelma Lewerissa yet, it’s about to be your lucky day. The anthropologist and plus size model has been part of the modelling world for over five years, and sat down with us to share her insight into some of the issues she’s encountered.

“Now, like a lot of people know that diversity sells. It’s not like the modelling industry wants to make an activist statement. I mean, they’re on the shoulders of activists who’ve been fighting these things for decades.”
– Zelma Lewerissa –

We’re in the middle of our new Sunday series introducing you to some of the role models that inspire the sh!t outta us. We asked them about life, perspectives and moments, creating space for people and their stories. We’ve got new videos dropping every week, so check back soon to meet your next role model!

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