Rita’s Monday Mix

“Music is therapy,” says DJ Rita Blue, who serves up a flashback trip filled with emotions and memories.

DJ | mix | monday

DJ | mix | monday

Rita, you call this mix “Life is putting things in and letting things out”, but what is your relationship with music and this mix in particular? 

I find music for my mixes everyday and everywhere. I listen to music. A lot. 

Music is all around us all the time really. If I hear a track in a movie, or in the back of a taxi, and it makes me feel a certain way, I’ll track it down. 

When it comes to the Monday mixes, it’s all about the vibe and the story. As a dj I see myself as a storyteller. I use other artists’ work to tell a story. 

I don’t care much whether it’s new and fresh or old. It’s all about the state of mind it invites you to enter. This way it lasts longer. 

This mix is six years old. I created it in the middle of a difficult break up. Even when I listen today, I clearly recognise the process of letting go of things in life that I cherished. Making space for new. Music is therapy. 


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