Rejoice: The Much-Needed Puking Emoji Has Arrived

That’s just one of the many on point Emojis Swedish singer Gina-Lee made to fill the Emoji hole in your life.

Gina-Lee has quickly established herself as a talented slow-pop songstress in her native Sweden (check out her singles Dramaten and Drive-Thru for some catchy R&B-inspired crooning). A woman of many talents, she has now released her EmoGi app, which serves as a solution to the notable lack of emojis available for properly expressing the unique SMS-situations facing boys and girls of the 21st century. For example, why isn’t there a puking emoji available from the default emoji bank? Why are there no emoji condoms or tampons? How are you supposed to properly express that you’re in bed with cramps when suitable emojis–like white wine and vicodin–don’t exist?

EmoGis are intended to improve upon this often-bleak emoji landscape by adding some flourish and much-needed real-life relevance. “I really think there’s a need for a complement to the super glamorous Kimojis that are all about champagne, sex and money – I mean, no one can relate to that!”, Gina-Lee explains. “My EmoGis are more like ‘Aspirin’, ‘Not enough money to withdraw’, ‘Hungover’ and ‘Girlpower’.” Finally!

emogis   emogis


Gina-Lee’s EmoGis are now available to download from the iTunes app store. They work on all messaging applications where you can paste images and GIFs, just like ye olde generic emoji keyboard does. Check out the EmoGis for yourself, because don’t we all need that mic-drop emoji in our lives?

emogis3   emogis4


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