Ravi Kuma Predicted The 2020 Summer With New Single ‘Breakfast 1 PM’

Sometimes life imitates art. Ravi Kuma definitely have us thinking that with their newest single about the lax-at-home-summer-feeling where time flows thick like syrup.

Ravi Kuma is back, this time with the fortune-teller of a single, ‘Breakfast 1 PM’, which despite its strong descriptions of most of our stay-at-home-summers, was written back in January. The lyrical themes are all about keeping it creative at home and having a warpy sense of time when you’re in the midst of a staycation.

The track is filled to the brim with Ravi Kuma’s characteristic fast-flowing catchiness and Sharon Kumaraswamy’s crisp voice gets an even larger playing ground to experiment in.

Keeping it creative is key in this day and age says the frontwoman:

Covid-19 has forced us to think out of the box and be creative on how to spend our holidays within our homes. Some rent a convertible and drive to a secluded beach, others build shelters in the backyard, and for most of us who can’t afford various projects, it’s all about making yourself the world’s most delicious drink, tuning up some crazy beats and learn how to feel at home in your own boss’ness”.

More playful and humorous than ever, ‘Breakfast 1 PM’ could easily be the soundtrack of our imaginative summer adventures. If you need some inspiration as to how then Kumaraswamy has the answers for you:

“This summer is going to be different, but it doesn’t have to be bad. Make the bathroom your spa retreat, the kitchen your brunch buffet, and the balcony your lounge. Be a million, and take a vacation from worrying too much. Vacationing is not only about being away physically but a mindset of embracing the holidays and be at peace with who you are.” 

Catch the track on where you like to catch those things and catch Ravi Kuma in Denmark in late August on their first shows post-lockdown.


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