‘Rapture’ From Belau Makes Us Long For Self-Reinvention

Etheric and hypnotising vocals, captivating energy and elevating production. Say hi to Belau’s ‘Rapture’.

It’s not unlikely that you’ve heard the hauntingly delicate vocals behind Belau‘s new track ‘Rapture’. The woman behind them is talented Kirstine Stubbe Teglberg, the former lead singer and songwriter from Blue Foundation. This time she’s in cahoots with Hungarian Belau, predicted to be one of the most promising electronica newcomers.

She’s dabbled in co-composing, songwriting, and being lead vocal for both the award-winning work with Blue Foundation and her solo album ‘Hamskifte’ (Sloughing) and lately having moved towards co-creating the concept HUN SOLO which presents solo concerts with female artists. That’s probably why it felt very natural to collaborate with Belau, and as Kirstine puts it herself:

“Their concept is to work together with “various strong and talented women who are able to create real and unique art”, which is beautifully in line with HUN SOLO’s mission, and I was drawn by Belau’s effortless electronic and organic sound – so that was a good starting point for an artistic meeting”.

You can check the track out here:

“​’Rapture’ is written as a wish to put an end to blind toil and forcing things through without taking the signals of your body or your surroundings into consideration. The song expresses a longing to unfold life in a completely different way that is more free, open, (self-)loving and enjoyable. While working with the song, I found inspiration in nature’s immense power, its abundance and eternal alternation between growth and rest, flow and stillness” ​Kirstine​ ​says and continues:

The song expresses a longing for a fusion with the rhythms of nature, both physically and symbolically, and for a new way of being in the world, where you do not prey on yourself, the resources of the globe, or other people.”

‘Rapture’ is released on HUN SOLO Records today.


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