Rainbows and Radness: Street Style from London’s Lazy Oaf Sale

Daaaamn, girls, don't hurt 'em!

Photography by Alia Wilhelm 

We’ve had an obsessive crush on Lazy Oaf for a while. The English clothing brand combines tongue-in-cheek takes on femininity with flattering lines, adorable detailing and a vibe that’s just super fun. Whether you’re into overalls, oversized sweatshirts or sassy pins, Lazy Oaf’s got something for everyone—including the jaw-droppingly stylin’ ladies of London.

A few weekends ago, Lazy Oaf held a sale in Central London. One of our fave photographers, Alia Wilhelm, was there to capture the vibe—and in typical Alia spirit, her photos encapsulate the bright personalities and even brighter colours she saw. So if you think you’d never, ever rock a rainbow fur in public or dye your hair bright pink, think again. Judging by the cool-as-a-cucumber vibe these girls give us, pushing those stylistic limits feels pretty damn good.