Put JADA’s “Sure” On Repeat Already

Danish R&B up-and-comer is making her glorious presence more and more boldly and we can’t get enough.

Photo by Frida Molsted, Signe Sørensen, Alona Vibe Vestergaard Andersen

Copenhagen-based, rapidly-up-and-coming R&B sensation, JADA, has released another nugget of gold to lift you up at any given time, really. The song “Sure”, released on Soundcloud just this afternoon, originally premiered on YouTube one year ago. Now, it’s officially added to the delicious if brief collection of future soul goodies from JADA.


The song soars over a crystal clear melody, minimalistic yet driving percussion and JADA’s perfectly crisp and textured vocals. The song mirrors the half confidence, half temperance of the overall vibe with lyrics that deliver the warm feeling of tentative love. She’s laying out some of that juicy uncertainty that you always feel when you aren’t quite sure yet whether your feelings are requited. There’s a feeling of longing and of suspended positivity.

Overall the song leaves you with an air of excitement. Not just for more life and love, but to see and hear more from JADA. Luckily you don’t have to wait too long — she’s embarking on her very first tour of her native Denmark in the near future. It’s called the Mutual Selfcare Tour and she’ll hit up Odense, Copenhagen and Aarhus. She’s also on the lineup for Roskilde 2018. Keep an ear or two out for this one.


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