Props: Maria Louceiro’s Photography Gives Us Pastel Daydreams

Berlin-based visual artist Maria Loucerio’s photography is stunning, evocative and dreamy, and we can’t get enough! Take a peek at some of her work here.


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Her name is Maria Louceiro. She lives in Berlin and works with design, art direction and photography – and she makes some of the most stunning pieces we’ve seen in a minute! “I enjoy using photography to convey certain moods, ideas, aesthetics. Through image making, I hope to imagine an alternative world that sparks intense emotions and ideas,” Maria tells us. 

“Initially, I started going to concerts to take my dream photos without the need for a studio. All the conditions were there: the people, the action, a set and professional lighting. As time went by, I needed more control over how I was shooting. I went from live concerts to portraits of musicians. What a better way to portray their music than mixing the feelings it conveys in a more intimate way than just a stage? In the future I’m focusing on diversity of subjects and stories beyond music. I aim to focus on female identifying stories – searching for new faces, new adventures.” 

Find new ways of portraying stories. Imagined or not.
– Maria Louceiro –

We’re loving Maria’s photography and her story, and wanted to throw her some shine while brightening your newsfeeds at the same time. Check out some of her work below, and remember to dig into her website and Instagram to learn more!

maria loucerio | PHOTOGRAPHY
maria loucerio | PHOTOGRAPHY

All images: Maria Louceiro