Props: Illustrator and Activist Dana Drew aka @danadrewdles

We’re loving Dana Drews’ aesthetic as much as her message, and her call to give back!

dana drews | danadrewdels | female business

We’ve been fans of Dana Drew and her pun of an IG handle –@danadrewdles – for a while now, and wanted to drop some of her kickass work in your day real quick! The self-identified “silly bish” illustrator has been putting some of the coolest, freshest and most timely graphic illustrations into our feeds – covering topics like social movements, body positivity, self-esteem and self-love, culture and antiracism – and coupling all of it with major calls to action for those of us who want to put our money where our mouths are, and be part of the solution. We’ve plucked a few of our favorites (tough to choose!) from her IG, so get a taste below – but then head straight over to her page to follow and get into her universe!

Let’s kick this off with the timeless quote by the one and only Frida Kahlo:

dana drews | danadrewdels | female business
Illustration: Dana Drews – IG @danadrewdles

Need some great tips about being a cool human? Or looking for some amazing sign inspi for the next protest? Two birds here…

In a very iconic moment where life and art actually met, Dana made an illustration of a badass protester after seeing the photo below, which was trending back in June. And through the magic of Instagram, the illustration found its way to the activist herself, Chrissy Chross.

And y’all KNOW we’re always here for that positive body image reinforcement…!

…and you’ll get no argument from us there! Can we all agree to strut into 2021 having left as many lame vibes as possible in 2020? Great.

dana drews | danadrewdels | female business
Illustration: Dana Drews – IG @danadrewdles

Need a helpful reminder to stay focused on the important things? Here’s the link to Dana’s Etsy shop that’s full of clothing, journals, drinkware, accessories and tons of other fun stuff featuring her amazing illustrations. We stan a chick who uses her talent and platform to raise awareness and help & encourage others, so we’ll see y’all in the checkout queue!

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