Props: Artist and Body Hair Activist Esther Calixte-Bea aka @Queen_Esie

We’re in awe of body hair activist and artist @Queen_Esie, and we know you will be too! Check out some of her work and get some powerful self-love inspiration!

Image: @Queen_Esie

If you don’t know Esther Calixte-Bea, the woman behind the phenomenal @Queen_Esie handle on Instagram, you need to. She’s a painter and body hair activist, born in Longueuil of Haitian and Ivorian descent, whose work addresses topics such as beauty, identity, individuality and vulnerability in various forms that are often inspired by her personal life and culture. She and her work have been featured all over the place – including the cover of Glamour UK’s self-love issue – and we reached out to learn more about her after falling head over heels for her Instagram. If you haven’t already done the same, we guarantee you’re about to!

So today is about giving her the props she deserves, and letting all you wonderful people in our Girls Are Awesome community get a glimpse into her universe so you can learn a bit more about her. Check below for some of her thoughts, images and poetry, and remember to dive deeper by visiting her Instagram and website. You can also click the image at the top of this article to watch Queen Esie’s video discussing her body hair. From here on out, we’ll pass her the mic so she can tell you about her mission and her work in her own words…

Hello, my name is Esther.
I am a body hair activist and painter who created a project called Lavender about body hair and femininity. I am a woman with chest hair and for the first time decided to show it and share images I had taken with the world to normalize female body hair and help womxn love and accept themselves!

I created the Lavender Project back in the summer of 2019.
It’s a self-photography series that consists of a lavender dress that I made and wore showing my chest hair for the first time. This was a liberating project where my motto became “Power: We show our body hair with class”.

Growing tired of having to fit this idea of beauty that is so toxic and narrow makes it important to empower womxn by simply breaking free from these boxes that prevent us from embracing who we really are.

Being shy and insecure was burdening as a little girl, and hating my body was detrimental to my mental health. The moment I was tired of being in that dark place is the moment I realized the importance of working towards the confident version of myself and changing the way I saw my body.

I want to reach more womxn and free many more that feel that they are not enough or desirable. I want to show them that they can free themselves from these toxic societal beauty standards and redefine beauty for themselves. 


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