Progressive Choreographer Gunilla Lind Challenges Today’s Digital Vanity

Rarely have we seen such an elegant merge of emotional choreography, otherworldly costume and powerful performance art as in the short-film ‘Artistic Practice’.

There are no rules. Especially when it comes to Gunilla Lind‘s work. In a world where professions are fluid and artistic expressions are in constant re-shifting states, Gunilla Lind is the kind of artist that could be the poster-person for that type of agility.

In the same way that her work is hard to encapsulate, she also works with breaking the mold with how a body is perceived. By utilizing costumes, movements, scenographic components, modern dance, physical theater, and architecture she addresses and criticizes the artificial body ideals in a highly digitalized day and age.

If it feels difficult to create an accurate mental image of her work, then that’s probably because not many have created an artistic expression with the same level of complexity and imagination.

That’s partly why The Bikuben Foundation, an organization that works to create new opportunities for young performing and visual artists, has created a film portrait of Gunilla under their segment ARTISTIC PRACTICE. In the 15-minute short we get an insight and an introduction into the artistic methods and underlying thoughts that characterize the artist’s work.

Gunilla Lind has a special interest in body and identity. In her artistic practice, she reshapes the body through costumes and movements that challenge the way we perceive ourselves and others. As she explains in her own words:

“I think it is important that in such a screen-packed world we meet the performing arts, where we as spectators sense shapes, dimensions, and textures. Meeting bodies that are not only flat images as on a screen and experiencing the living and moving body shapes in interaction with scenographic elements and malleable costumes is really important. The gender debate is also a big part of my universe. I find that social media creates a space for exposing gender-stereotyped glamour images of how we should look and behave – through my works I want to question the structures of society and the way we portray and perform gender.”

ARTISTIC PRACTICE – Gunilla Lind is produced by Meeto Film for the Bikuben Foundation.


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