Proceeds From Our Coach Jacket Will Support Frauenhaus Cocon

We’re sending all our love to Frauenhaus Cocon, an important institution that houses women from abusive domestic situations here in Berlin.

Photo via dpa

Hopefully by now, you’ve been able to witness the majestic new Girls Are Awesome x adidas Original jacket which we lovingly concocted betwixt our awesome contributors (shoutsout to the amazing artist Mona Spinelli, creative contributor Simone Klimmeck and photographer Laura Kaczmarek). The jacket is a beautiful creation that we want to use as a means to create even more beauty and positivity in this at-times-fucked-up world. With this in mind, we are donating every last penny, nickel and dime (Krone, Euro, etc.) from this product to the charity that our team selected: Frauenhaus Cocon in Berlin.

Frauenhaus Cocon is an organization which serves women coming from abusive domestic situations by providing a safe space to live. In the words of our own team: “we actually believe these people save lives and help women to build up new ones – so we’d love to support that”.

Join us and get in the Christmas spirit! Throw on one of these perfectly designed babies (maybe underneath a heavier winter coat) and support a cause that is making a difference in women’s lives in an extremely important way.

Photo by Laura Kazcmarek

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