PREMIERE: Watch The ‘Limit Of Love’ Music Video From I Am Boleyn

I Am Boleyn’s latest release is all about breaking down barriers, overcoming darkness and self love.

London-based artist I Am Boleyn‘s latest release, “Limit Of Love”, is a heart-stirring single that combines the nostalgia of retro synths with the modernity of electro-pop soundscapes for a delicately effervescent effect that will make you want to take a swan dive into the unknown. The themes of the song include the uncertainty of new love, human sensitivity and the boundaries separating ourselves from others. Drawing inspiration from fellow electro-pop artists like Robyn and Goldfrapp, the nuance of this track is in the light and airy vocals, driving rhythms and gracefully spacious melodies throughout.

The music video for “Limit Of Love” is equally as compelling as this daydreamy tune; directed by Beatrice Blaze, featuring I Am Boleyn herself with striking makeup and styling courtesy of Emilie Louizides and Emilie Pugh, the visual as a whole encapsulates this feeling of gentle suspension in the in-between. It’s like taking a sound bath in the bittersweet end credits of every 80s coming-of-age film you’ve ever seen.

Let yourself glide through this effortless jam and catch the striking visuals with beautiful choreography from Sophia Melvin. Overall, the message of the song is captured perfectly in the balance of light and dark throughout the music video. According to I Am Boleyn:

“‘Limit of Love’ is about the secrets that we all keep, the dark feelings or guilt that we hold very close but one day have to show someone to really love them and let them love us. What is the Limit of Love? What could we find out about someone, or reveal about ourselves what would push those limits too far? In the end, the honesty of sharing our real selves is liberating and leads to a deeper connection.”

Amen to that, and stay tuned for more from I Am Boleyn this year!


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