PREMIERE: Watch Fjer’s Self-Directed Music Video for ‘Solo’

Dive into the latest music video from Copenhagen-based homegirl, Fjer, a cozy as F tribute to going it alone.

Danish singer, songwriter and producer, Fjer, has released a music video to accompany the epic ode to independence, a melancholic track called “Solo”. The song carries the slow, sexy buildup of tension that lies within the belly of every single woman, a deeply rooted soulfulness that resonates at a core level. The track is propelled along by this fearless Venusian freeness, where the simple word, “Solo”, implies a “lack” of something yet explodes completely in its own space. “Solo” is a slow-motion tornado of self-love wanting to be expressed and succeeding in the case of this song.

The self-directed and edited music video captures a longing and understated boldness in simply existing in different contexts. See for yourself:

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