PREMIERE: Watch Cat Burns’ BTS Video for ‘I Don’t Blame You’

This London-based artist’s latest release is a meaningful ode to her complicated relationship with her father. The music video reflects this powerful journey.

Behind The Scenes | BTS | Girls Are Awesome

Tune in to the very latest from Cat Burns, a heartstring-tugging and victorious release that will lift your spirits. Coming from a veritable treasure trove of upbeat releases in the form of her sophomore EP, Naive, dropped earlier this year, her latest output, “I Don’t Blame You”, provides a vulnerable yet impassioned perspective on an important and complicated life relationship. The comparatively stripped-down R&B track nearly recalls her earlier work, dating back to the debut EP, Adolescent, released in 2016 at just 16 years of age, in that it invokes the same natural resonance, now with the added edge of modernity and several years of songwriting experience to boot. This time, the message is an extremely empowering ode to personal growth through forgiveness.

“Learning how to forgive will be the best thing you ever do in life,” says Cat. “‘I Don’t Blame You’ is about my childhood and the strained relationship with my Dad. I had a lot of resentment mixed with anger and hurt. I found that it was stunting my mental growth and emotional maturity. I needed a way to say exactly what I was thinking to him in an honest yet vulnerable way. This song is my way of healing, and I hope it can help others who are in similar situations find peace within their own lives and relationships.”

Equally powerful, the music video reflects both the beauty and loss in this dynamic, as a fully-grown Cat is able to witness her childhood from an outward perspective and speak directly to her own journey. In the behind the scenes video, we’re able to take a look at the process of creating the film, which wraps the whole thing together in a really meaningful way. We had the opportunity to speak with Cat Burns about her perspective on the track, the process behind “I Don’t Blame You” and her feelings going into the new year.

There is so much depth to this song it’s amazing. Can you quickly share the story behind ‘I Don’t Blame You’?

It’s essentially about my estranged relationship with my Dad and how I’ve come to forgive him over the years.

What was it like developing this song in particular as compared to other releases? Was it different at all?

The song pretty much wrote itself which was amazing, the producer (Owen Cutts) made me feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable and honest.

Can you explain the concept behind the music video? How did that go in execution?

I just wanted to tell an honest story about my childhood! I was lucky enough to work with my best friend and we made a beautiful video. My vision truly came to life!

What is the writing process like usually? Does it differ?

It definitely differs, it all just depends on my mood!

How would you describe your relationship with music? Making, consuming, etc. (Like really tho :))

Music is definitely my home, I always go to it when I’m feeling any type of emotion. Music just makes me feel comfortable in so many ways.

What has your experience been like, working with producers over the years?

I work with a lot of amazing producers that get my vision and vibe for each song which is amazing.

How has your direction as an artist changed since the beginning if at all?

I think it changes as I get older, I mature and see the world from a different point of view which then shows in my music.

Behind The Scenes | BTS | Girls Are Awesome

When do you feel most inspired?

it could be anywhere really! 3am in my bed or on the bus or in a session! Could be anywhere.

What’re you on right now? Is there anything in the music industry happening at the moment that excites you?

At the moment I’m just focusing on me! And being the best artist I know I can be.

What has 2019 been like for you? What’s your vibe going into 2020 – any goals, dreams, plans, etc.? 

2019 has been a year of growth for me, I’ve matured and grown up massively this year! 2020 will be seeing a lot more new music!

Finally, any parting words of wisdom, for fellow creative women or female-identifying folks in general?

Know exactly what you want to do and don’t let anyone silence you!

Behind The Scenes | BTS | Girls Are Awesome

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