PREMIERE: ‘Vitamins’ from ANNAVR Is About The Vastness Of Everything

The transcendent new release will inspire you to push your own boundaries and take up space in the world.

Berlin-based electronic enchantress, ANNAVR, is back on the move with a transcendent tune that will make you rethink the way you view the world. Coming from a strong 2018 that has seen the release of a collection of similarly boundary-pushing tracks, “Vitamins” matches her somewhat rebellious vibe when it comes to subject matter and style. Not adhering firmly to the confines of genre, her music fluctuates from strong and salient to soft and subtle, using as many modalities as necessary to get her point across.

This is the last gem before the March 8th release of ANNAVR’s sophomore EP, II: Vibration, which is sure to deliver as many feels as this one. The theme of this track in particular is about letting go and negating stress with a fresh view of reality and individuality. The song as a whole carries through a strong point of view that is ethereal yet anchored. ANNAVR herself says of the track:

I was walking around in my berlin neighbourhood one day and had a lot of tension in my shoulders. I was mad at myself for that and started to think: why can’t I just let them follow gravity, instead of pulling them up because of stress or fear? I wanted to find a pacifying relive and found it very unexpectedly in considering infinity (of all things)…

I felt that million years old connection with the past and present and suddenly I didn’t feel alone. I realised that despite all our lives and existences here on earth being such a mini sequence in history it’s a life so worth living when you don’t allow all day life worries to eat you up. And I had to think of a quote of David Foster Wallace: ‘Feeling alone and inferior is the great talent bond between us all.’ It’s something you kind of know, but in that moment I really felt it, and it was somehow very soothing.

Keep an eye out for more mysteriously soothing sentiments from this gem!


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