PREMIERE: Turn Up To ‘Let Me Be Remix ft. Dai Burger’ by MIREI

Catch the latest from MIREI, a rising Japanese artist who has strong feelings when it comes to the reality of relationship equality.

bass | Dai Burger | dance

Tune in to the latest from Japanese artist MIREI: a remix of the pre-released single “Let Me Be”, an irresistibly dance-y tune with a strong message about independence in the context of romantic relationships. The song is produced by classically trained musician and producer Zak Leever and features NYC baddie, Dai Burger. Beyond being an anthemic energy-booster in a song, “Let Me Be Remix ft. Dai Burger” is about the importance of relationship equality:

“‘Let Me Be’ is about letting go of a relationship that’s holding you back from following your own path. I often feel suffocated while I’m in a relationship, and I was wondering why… I realize it’s because there isn’t balance in it and I’m not given the space I need to be the best version of myself. Traditional relationships used to focus on a man’s expectations of a woman and the way a woman would cater to him, build a family with him, but that’s changed with our generation. A healthy relationship should be an equal partnership, where both people in it are able to pursue their goals and dreams while supporting each other.”

bass | Dai Burger | dance

What is “Let Me Be” about / what’s the story behind it?

This song is simply about being the realest, most authentic version of myself and doing things my way. This remix has a totally different vibe and beat from the original and I just love the future bass, reggaeton vibe that I can dance to.

How did you connect with Dai Burger and what does Dai Burger add to the track?

I knew Dai Burger from DJ Shiftee’s song “Everything is Litty”. I just loved her awesome presence with her rap verses and how the music video played out. She’s an inspiration – so independent, confident, and cute at the same time! Her part of the track adds a different element to it – she raps like she’s talking to me and the person I’m at odds with. It felt natural having a friend jump on the track and made it feel more like a girls’ anthem with different perspectives overall.

How is this version re-imagined compared to the original?

This beat came from Zak (who co-wrote and produced my entire album with me). He started to play around with the song after we were done with the original. After I heard it, I said “Why don’t we just release this as a remix?!” and the rest is history. After listening to it a few times, I knew I wanted to feature a female rapper to add to the story. Of course I thought of Dai Burger and I’m so lucky she accepted my offer when I asked!

Anything else you’d like to add?

I love how we can connect beyond where we might be geographically. I made this remix while I was in Tokyo and Zak and Shiftee were in Brooklyn, NY and Dai Burger’s from Queens, NY. In the same way we collabed across countries, I hope that people like the track and connect globally too!

Thanks, MIREI!

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