PREMIERE: ‘Too Young To Know’ From M w S

We spoke with Giulia of indie soul duo M w S about her relationship to music, the importance of multi-cultural creativity and her sage advice to fellow musicians.

Put on your headphones and jam out to the latest from M w S: “Too Young To Know” is a subtly groovy and magnetic single that speaks to the flow of life and an intangible feeling of longing across time and space. Drawing from their diverse background, the Italian electrosoul duo have released a steady flow of strong singles that encapsulate their signature charm – from the solidly neosoul track “Complicated” at the beginning of the year to the upbeat jam “Moonlight”, M w S knows how to strike the perfect balance between organic and artfully produced jams.

This latest release is no exception. Grab a listen to “Too Young To Know” and hear for yourself and check out our chat with Giulia about her relationship to music, the importance of multi-cultural creativity and her sage advice to fellow musicians. Pre-save the track on Spotify here.

Hi Giulia! What is your personal background?

I grew up in Lerici, a really small village by the sea in the north west coast of Italy. My childhood was a mix of playing hide and seek with my friends in the village tiny streets, listening to Bossa Nova, which my mum used to play all the time, and waiting for and watching her rehearse her ballet routines.

How would you describe your relationship to music, from youth to present?

I started singing in the choir of the village church and taking opera singing lessons when I was about twelve, then I discovered Lauryn hill’s music after watching Sister Act and everything changed… Everything finally made sense. From then on, I really felt music was something that I had inside, like a piece of my body – something I couldn’t part with, that still now helps me going through the musician’s life… which can sometimes be tough.

Who are some of your biggest influences musically?

Through the years, I’ve always evolved and took inspiration from a lot of different singers, but If I had to say who influenced me the most, I would say Alicia Keys, Norah Jones, Erika Badu, Lauryn Hill.

So you relocated from Italy to now living in the UK. What was that transition like?

When I was 15, I first came to the UK for an English course, I stayed in Oxford and visited London when I fell in love with this city straight away. After that experience, I always thought that at some point in my life, for one reason or another, I would have to come back to London, to stay. When I moved here two years ago, I was so ready for it. We had our music ready so we first released the songs, then we started playing gigs and open mics, meeting so many people, the transition was amazing – we were over the top.

How do you feel about international influence on creativity, either in music or in general?

Diversity is always inspiring for me, it’s something that I’ve started to appreciate even more in London. I think being able to see the same things with different points of view is always inspiring and eye-opening. Creativity is universal and it’s amazing how ideas circulate through the minds of people worlds apart. Internet and social media probably help as well.

Your lyrics are ethereal yet also grounded, in a way. What’s your writing process like?

I usually start from images in my head, or something that inspired me, like a movie or a painting – something that I can feel. I’m always trying to bring people’s eyes in the worlds I create with my songs.

What is next for you and M w S?

We have a lot planned, a lot of new songs coming from the end of the summer. A tour is in the making but we can’t say too much about that… just yet.

Any parting advice to women or girls in the music scene, or just in general?

I’m usually the one who asks for advice but… The most important thing for me, which also keeps me sane is: be yourself always and don’t lose your mind comparing your journey with other people’s. Everyone is coming from a different place and has a different path – just keep doing your thing, believe in yourself, try to improve and grow. It’s all about the journey!

Thanks, Giulia!


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