PREMIERE: The Video For ‘Stomp Blues’ Is a Force of Power

Catch the strong, empowering and forceful video to Melissa Inya’s equally impactful single ‘Stomp Blues’

Recently we had the honor of premiering soul-star Melissa Inya‘s newest single ‘Stomp Blues’, a track that breaks through all other soundscapes with it’s hypnotic and intense beat. Now the track has an equally powerful video with the artist in full center, as she now visually takes us through the journey of escaping abusive dynamics.

The video only helps enforce the lyrical rawness and captivating vocal range that the soul artist brings to the table.

Through the entirety of the video, it’s quite clear that there are emotions on sleeves and a raw vulnerability that truly emphasizes the strength in softness. Nature bound and riddled with symbolism, the video visualizes the invisible and emotional journey it is, to find yourself confined in an abusive relationship and to escape that situation again.

All in all, Melissas ‘Stomp Blues’ is a vulnerable and proud story sharing and her expression is as moving as it is motivating.


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