PREMIERE: ‘Stupid Boi’ From Katlah Welcomes You To An Alternate Universe

Flabbergastingly pink Danish singer, songwriter and producer Katlah’s debut song is a buoyant tune speaking to the power of telling someone off… straight up.

Welcome to the hyper-realistic dreamworld of Danish alt-pop artist and creator, Katlah, where pretty much everything matches and the sounds are lit for the ages. The latest single, “Stupid Boi” is an ode to keeping the fuck in line when it comes to love and relationships, bringing up beefs with ex’s past in a playfully blasé bad-gal rant. Diving in deep with this stream of consciousness, Katlah forms a physical universe that matches her bold sound in a pink brigade of sex toys and cotton candy clouds. The effect is like a dream realized in the flesh, taking scenes from her vivid imagination and glueing them together with the casual brush strokes of her alt-pop sentiment.

In her own words, Katlah mentions:

“I’ve had so much fun with the creation of ‘Stupid Boi’. All of my lyrics revolve around my personal life and I found it very thrilling to capture the theme and the mood of this song. I love diving into my sassy and superior self in both my music and my visual art.”

Be sure to catch our conversation with Katlah, where we spill the tea on the story behind her latest single, creative ideas coming to fruition and her most important influences being from the Danish music industry.

Firstly, “Stupid Boi”. Can you tell us the story behind the song and how it came together?

All of my lyrics revolve around my personal life and “Stupid Boi” does as well. Actually most of my songs are about boys, all stupid in different ways, haha. So I wrote most of the lyrics and afterwards I made up a melody to fit into a draft I had created by sampling. That’s a typical way for me to start a song – I sample a lot!

The music video is awesome. Pink on pink and bubblegum bitchy Barbie babi pool party I love it so much… How did you come up with this idea and what was it like, bringing it all together?

Thank you! I had this pink bubblegum universe in my head from the beginning and it all started back in May. I wanted to make some visuals for my yearly exam at school. I was going to do a live performance of my song, “Stupid Boi”, among other songs I’ve written, but after recording half of the scenes, as seen in the music video, I felt like making it into a full music video and I also felt it needed more. I wanted a “Stupid Boi”, I wanted a cat and I wanted to bring sex toys in it as well to make it complete. So in September, I got the last recordings and since then I’ve been isolated in my own bubble editing in Final Cut Pro. I’ve had so much fun doing it and I think the result has become very personal as I wanted it too, it’s very me :).

aesthetic | alt pop | art

When do you feel most inspired?

When I’m full of emotions! If there’s a boy on my mind (it happens a lot) or if there’s something bothering me. All of the words and melodies just come to me. It can be whenever and wherever, in the bus or in the middle of class, which can be kind of impractical – needing to write it down and record it immediately to avoid forgetting it!

How would you describe your personal style – musically and/or as far as aesthetics and fashion?

I’m always getting told that my style is very complete. Everything such as my clothes, my apartment, my setup on the stage – for me everything has to match. If I’m wearing one of my pink bags, I’m only having pink objects in it. Most of my apartment is pink, orange and gold as well, everything from the toilet brush to the garbage bags to all of my beauty products. I’m extremely perfectionistic which drives me craaazy sometimes! It can be kind of exhausting getting everything to match but at the same time, it’s very satisfying to me. Don’t know if I have some kind of OCD, haha. It’s the same with my music. It’s both an advantage and a disadvantage.

You’re currently going to school for electronic music and sound art at the music conservatory. What’s it like? What exactly drew you to this field of study?

I’ve been wanting to study songwriting for a couple of years but before doing so, I wanted to be more independent, by producing by myself. Besides that I like exploring sounds and to create the sound-universe myself. I feel it makes the music way more unique and the school is a really good place to help you find your own sound and discover who you are as an artist.

aesthetic | alt pop | art

Any idea what’s up next after that? Either personally or career-wise, when it comes to music.

A lot more Kattelicious music is about to come! I’m only halfway done with my bachelor so I will stay in school and keep improving 🙂 .

Who would you say are your biggest influences, eithe from the past or just who you’re jamming out to right about now?

It’s difficult to say who’s my biggest inspiration, there are so many! I love Kwamie Liv, Kill J, Bette and CHINAH (all Danish). I find their sound universe, as well as their vocals, very cool and unique. I also love artists such as MØ, Rihanna and Tove Lo. Especially Tove Lo for her sassy, sexy and “not giving a fuck” attitude.

Finally, any parting words of wisdom for fellow creative people or just women in general?

“Fuck Janteloven” as you say in Denmark! It basically means “fuck the law of Jante” which is some kind of unwritten law meaning “you’re not to think you’re anyone special”. In Denmark, I feel people are very busy knocking each other down, especially if you stand out in the crowd. I’m often getting analyzed by people, not even knowing me, telling me I must have self-esteem problems because I’m so outgoing and direct. Or because I’m wearing “challenging” clothes. But that’s just how I’ve always been. I wear what makes me feel comfortable and pretty. Bored people should really just mind their own business 🙂 . So fuck Janteloven, do what you want to do and dress how you like to dress <3.

Tusind tak, Katlah 😉

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