Premiere: Rising Danish Rap Star SOSA Drops New Single “Dat”

Her lyrics might be in a language that only about 6 million people understands, but the beat, her flow and her mission is for everyone to understand.


Today, the latest single from Denmark’s new bright rap star Sosa dropped. It’s only her second outing ever, but Sosa’s on a mission and the new cut “Dat” is a well-sounding part of that.

Hailing from the outskirts of Copenhagen, Sosa is a tongue-in-cheek wordsmith who’s ready to give the Danish music scene what she didn’t have herself growing up: role models.

When I grew up, I didn’t see a lot of Black girls. And living in Denmark, it’s very hard to see someone as your role model who isn’t as dark as me,” she recently told us in a video we did about representation: “It’s also about relating to the person, that you’re watching on TV, […] but I don’t see me. And I wanted to see me, and I still haven’t seen me. So I wanted to do that for the younger generation as well,” she continues.

“Dat” sees Sosa flashing her perfect flow on a base of dirty club vibes still holding the old school feel that we got from her debut single “Sosa’s Drøm”.

Make sure to keep following Sosa and her work and stay ready when the world allows for concerts to happen again. Cause apparently we’re in for a treat:

It’s gonna be lit. I have so many ideas of how i would run the show and how fun it Will be attending as a crowd. All I can say is after attending one show, you’ll want to attend all!”

We’re here for it!


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