PREMIERE: ‘Singing Without You’ From EYLIE Is A Perfect Tribute

The latest single and music video from Swedish artist, EYLIE, is a deep and personal story about life after the loss of her father.

Get ready: Swedish singer and songwriter, Eylie, is here to deliver all of the feels with a brand new music video and heartstring-tugging single, “Singing Without You”. The song is a calm yet expansive tribute to her father, whom she lost to cancer and whose life she commemorates with this song, the day before his birthday. The expansive and beautiful “Singing Without You” is a soulful tune that walks you through the essential “day one” father daughter relationship and Eylie’s perseverance throughout her daily life.

Having grown up in a musical household, listening to diverse influences from Arabic music to gospel, it is no mystery how Eylie is able to channel this powerful energy in her music, with a crisp sense of modernity. This track in particular is a classic soul-pop ballad, bringing the classic emotionality of the piano, interspersed with heavenly harmonies, rich vocals and honest lyricism. The touching story is reflected in the music video, which is a collection of real footage from their personal home videos.

We spoke with Eylie about her upbringing, the story behind “Singing Without You” and what’s next for her in life.

Hi Eylie! Firstly, how old are you and what is your personal background?

Hello! Well, I am 23 years young. I’m just your ordinary gal who grew in a small town in Sweden called Skövde. (I bet you’ve never heard the name of that town ever). I am the first of three children. My parents are proudly Lebanese. In our warm home, we have always had some sort of an ideology that nothing is out of reach – my parents taught me and my younger sisters that the word ”impossible” is overrated. Besides music and my family, my faith has been a strong and important pillar in my life.

How did you first get into music? Have you always been drawn to it?

Music has always been a very natural part of me. I started singing when I was a little baby, and I shared my singing together with my dad, who had a beautiful voice. I grew up listening to a lot of Arabic music at home. And I have been singing a lot of worship/gospel music as well.

I actually started writing my own songs when I was nine. I realized when I was younger that God blessed me with a sensitive spirit to the things around me. I started writing songs about the world, the people around me, what they were feeling and how I wanted to see the world. I’ve always been very positive as a person, but you know, when my father passed, I drowned in that sorrow for a while. Music has always been my escape, comfort zone and home. I always thought it was easier to express what I felt in melodies and words being sung. So I started singing about all of these things. And it enriched me. Made me understand myself better and the world around me.

How would you describe your musical leanings, past, present or future?

I have always listened to different kinds of music. My musical influencers come from different parts of the world, from USA, Middle East, Europé, Africa and even Latin America. I like the fusion of all these different kinds of music, and I feel like they have influenced my appreciation for just music in general.

“Singing Without You”. Can you tell us the story behind this song?

The story behind Singing without You, comes from a very personal place. My father who was my best friend and mirror in life, battled cancer for a long period of time. Actually for eleven years. And growing up, I was always singing with him, writing songs to him when he was sick, to uplift him where he was. And I am actually releasing the song the day before his birthday. So it’s my gift to him in heaven.

What was the process like for you, writing and recording the song?

Normally, I’m in the room writing the song from the start, but this time it was different. I was supposed to be in this session with my close friends who live in the west coast of Sweden, but something came up and I couldn’t make it on time. So they started working on this piece, and involved me in the process later.

And the music video? How did that come together?

I just wanted to create something pure and simple. I just wanted the video to be about my daddy spending the time on Earth with us. And since he never could look at himself in the mirror in his last days on earth; I just wanted to show him and the world how beautiful he was, and what his life and love gave me.

What’s next for you, personally, musically or both?

I have basically been living in the studio for what feels like forever, just working on new stuff and constantly trying to find new versions of myself in there. I want to surround myself with people and moments that actually fill me from within. So as we speak, I am now preparing myself to go on a journey where I am going to focus on the things that fill my soul for a little time. A little break from working in the studio. Just as like, focusing on helping other people in need. And taking care of my body and spirit.

Musically, it has been such an exciting summer so far. I have worked with some top creatives from around the world like Ice Prince, Awa Imani, Legendury Beatz, Lovy Longomba and many more I can’t wait to share.

Thanks, Eylie!



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