PREMIERE: ‘On My Own’ Is An Ode To Doing Things Your Own Way

Catch the latest bold release from fully independent up-and-coming artist and producer, Fjer.

beats | bold | Copenhagen

beats | bold | Copenhagen

Badass Copenhagen-based artist, Maja Barløse – AKA Fjer, has released an inspiring new single that speaks to the passion behind her drive as a musician. “On My Own” is the kind of single that’ll make you hype AF to live your dreamiest dreams against all odds. Her largely self-produced debut album, You Again, released last year to critical acclaim features the same soft and sensitive yet uplifting energy that draws you in like a magnet. The hip-hop inspired trap beats and Fjer’s crisp cool vocals create a unique tension that allows the message to come through all the more boldly. This time around, this self-sufficient artist owns her shine, making the point that she is the reason for her own success.

Listen to the track here, and catch a few words regarding her experiences below.

How would you describe your journey in the music industry thus far?

It’s the cliche – you guessed it: I’ve always made music. I started the Fjer alias in New York when I lived there for five years. This is where I came up with the name, released my first EP, found the people to work with and really started to believe in myself. It was so inspiring being around people on the constant grind. I really owe it all to New York, for beating me down and building me back up. That city is nuts. I moved back to Copenhagen a couple of years back and I’ve been doing a lot more 100% myself. It can be a lonely road but also very rewarding.

What’s the ultimate goal for you in creating music?

I’m constantly chasing “my sound” and new ways to make music and write songs. I love collaborating and have especially been excited about producing/writing with and for other female artists recently. I also love making visuals – taking photos, making my own videos, etc. If I can find a way to do it all somehow, I would be an extremely fulfilled artist.

So how did the track “On My Own” come together and what’s the message behind it?

André (the producer) and I went to a music school together more than ten years ago. We recently talked about how many of the people we went to school with weren’t making music anymore and that we were still dreaming of being the ones who “made it”. This track was born out of that conversation and is very relevant for both of us to this day. For me it’s very important that I get to do it in my own way and on my own terms. That’s sometimes really rough and takes a lot of energy. I really hope all the hustle will be worth it.

Thanks, Fjer! We’re rooting for you. 🙂

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